Concrete Stamping and its Alternatives

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There are a lot of ways to make dull concrete more attractive. Stamped concrete is among the topmost choices of many people who are want to add pizzazz to their walkways and driveways. Stamping gives concrete an elegant look as it can be made to appear like slates, hand-laid stones, or bricks without assuming the full cost of installing these materials. 


Stamping has been used for many decades now. It’s the mainstream treatment for property owners who wanted more than the usual gray concrete. However, there are other processes that can be used to achieve the same look. A good example is concrete stenciling. Like stamping, stenciling has been used for many decades now.   

Concrete Stenciling versus Concrete Stamping 

Just like concrete stamping, concrete stenciling is performed on freshly laid concrete. However, it isn’t an overlay that is placed on top of existing concrete, even though there are special stencils that work this way.  

Concrete stenciling is a process that’s quite similar to traditional concrete stampingalthough they have some differences. Such differences include a mildly flatter surface to furniture to sit on top of the concrete evenly. Stenciled concrete also offers better slip resistance. It also comes with naturally-looking mortar joints in between the stones. 

How is Concrete Stenciling Done? 

Concrete stamping uses polyurethane stamps to create dents or impressions on the concrete. With concrete stencilingpaper stencils are used instead, which come in rolls of disposable paper. Like stamped concretethe stencils also come in different popular patterns.  

The stencils are used to mask off the joints between each stone, which is why they remain gray and natural-looking. Such mortar joints are recessed onto the concrete for an eighth of an inch to create a surface that quite slips resistant. If done perfectly, the stenciled brick looks authentic that it can fool brick masons. 

Why Consider Concrete Stenciling? 

Compared to installing bricks, concrete stenciling is easier to applyStenciled concrete is performed without the workers ever needing to get on the concrete slab during the finishing processThis process can be done from the outside, using forms and long-handled tools.  

Such a process allows the workers to pour in and finish large areas with the lesser effort required than concrete stamping. It’s also easier to master concrete stenciling than concrete stamping. Almost all competent concrete finishing professional can create professional-looking concrete stenciling jobs on his first try. 

How Does Concrete Finishing Work?  

Whichever concrete finishing technique you want to use, it’s important that you first follow the traditional way of pouring concrete. Once that is done, the next steps are screeding, bull floating and edging. Only then you can put in the paper stencils on top of the working surface. Then the workers will use a roller to embed the stencil. Such a step is performed to ensure that there won’t be any color that gets under the sheet 

After placing the stencil down, the application of hardener will be made onto the concrete’s surface. Such hardener won’t only add shade into the surface of the concrete but it will also enhance its strength. This technique is often used in making stamped concrete as well. After coloring the slabs the stencils will be removed. That’s how you get natural-looking mortar joints along with colored stones. 

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